How to purchase and download embroidery designs in my shop:

1. To be able to purchase and download an embroidery design or e-Book in my shop successfully, you need an active customer account. Guests / Visitors are not able to buy and download items. 

If you don't have an account yet, you can still place items in your shopping cart and create/log in later on the way to the checkout.
Please note: We recommend not to process purchases on your mobile device (especially iPads), we have discovered that customers buying via those devices may have problems with login from a PC to get access to their account and the download files.

Sign in to Smart D'sign

2. Once finished shopping and pay for your items, click on your shopping cart. In your shopping cart you'll find your items listed.

3. If there is an active voucher code for one or more items in your cart, the voucher field will appear. If you have a voucher, type the code into the field and click ok. The amount will then change showing the discount (only if you used the correct voucher code and only if it is still active).

4. At the bottom of the shopping cart click on "Proceed to checkout".

5. If you haven't already signed in, the system will ask you to log into your account. Next you have to agree to the Terms&Conditions by ticking both boxes. If you don't tick the boxes, you won't be able to proceed.

6. Click on "Proceed to checkout". The system will lead you to the Paypal payment, follow the steps and pay with your Paypal account. After successful payment the page will lead you back to your customer account.
You will receive confirmation emails for each step in the process, and the order confirmation email will list all your purchased items and tells you, where you find them in your customer account, if you don't want to download them straight away.

6.1. Payment Error?

If your Paypal shows you a message like that, it means the Payment did not get through. There is nothing I can do on my end (in the shop). To solve the problem on your end and pay successfully, try the following:

  • Change the bank type that you use for paying. For example if you tried to use your credit card for the payment vial Paypal, switch to debit card instead. Or put some funds into your Paypal account (i.e. from your bank account), to pay with these funds.
  • Update the browser on your device. Often mobile devices deliver such error messages as the browser used on the mobile device is not able to connect securely to Paypal. 
  • If you are not successful on your mobile device, change to a PC and give it go from there.

7. Anytime you log in to your customer account, you will then see the purchased items. To download your files in your order history, click on "Details" in the listing, then scroll further down the page.

Download items are located in two different areas in your account. All designs that don't have any variation and come only in one size or one motif variation will be located in AREA 1 - Order History and Details. All designs that have variations such as size or different motifs in the set or single and set choice are located in AREA 2 - My Downloads.

Download your designs

8. For the download of each file click on the file name. A download window will open and you can save your file. Make sure you turn off any popup blockers in your browser or security system on your PC (they could block the download window to open up).
You can download your item as often as you wish, please make sure you not only save them on your PC but for security also on an external hard drive. This are only two clicks more but in case of a PC breakdown you still have access to your purchased files.

9. If you are not able to download immediately after you purchased, you can return to your account anytime later. Sign into your account at the top right of the website.

10. You will then see an overview like this. I.e. you can check for any vouchers etc, change your address details and personal information, and you can go into your 'order history and details' and into 'my downloads' to download purchased items.


11. Transfer to the machine: Please keep in mind that I sell embroidery files optimised to be used on your embroidery machines, therefore the downloads includes DST, EXP, JEF, HUS, PES, VIP, VP3 and XXX as well as the system / setting files and color charts. If needed there are also PDF instructions to be used for the in-the-hoop projects.

I do not send raw formats to be used to change the files in a digitising software. If you have a digitising software you may be able to open a machine format file but I do not guarantee that this is possible. I try to convert the files in as many versions of a software as possible but there are so many different versions of digitising software in use that I am not able to ensure the use in all of the available digitising software versions.

I recommend NOT TO OPEN a machine embroidery design in any software. To ensure it is working always transfer the embroidery file directly to your machine (via you preferred way, most times with a USB drive). For that, you need to unzip the download folder, then go to the folder that contains the embroidery design which you want to stitch out, and in that folder chose the right format that your machine can read. Load this file onto the USB drive, than transfer the design into your machine. As long as the machine is able to read the hoop size the format is designed for, your machine will be able to read, show and stitch the design.

Some machines have problems with USB drives which are too large or have too many files or even more then just embroidery designs on it. If your machine doesn't show the designs, try the following:

Please ensure that your USB drive is not bigger then 2GB. Ensure that there are no other files then embroidery files in your machine format saved on this USB (no pdf, no zip files, no pictures). Ensure that there are not too many files on the USB drive.

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