Embroidery Marketeers wanted


Sounds strange, I know. But if it sounds interesting, please read on.

Smart D’sign has a small but excellent permanent test team who do great work and test our embroidery designs for us.

What we are looking for, in addition, are embroidery fanatics who LOVE to decorate their own projects with our embroidery designs, who are skilled in showcasing the finished items, and can take fabulous photos of them. And our main focus really is on the PHOTOS.

If you have not only mastered your embroidery and sewing machine but also love taking fantastic photos with your CAMERA, we invite you to send us an application.


Yes, why not simply “embroidery testers”? The answer is really simple. Because it is all about promotion of our embroidery designs. Meaningful and beautiful photos are super important for a great presentation of our embroidery designs, they are the be-all and end-all in our product description. The photos must appeal to the viewer so that they become fans and then maybe customers.

You must be able to put yourself in the position of a potential customer, view your project and our embroidery designs like them for your photography. What we are looking for is people who can get their photos to make the viewer feel “I have to have this!”.  They have to be able to see in the photos that the crafter and photographer – so YOU – is proud of what is in the photo.

What we don’t want is quick snapshots, done in a dark corner, without that certain something.

Our Requirements:


·       Can handle your camera (! And this is really important, we do NOT talk about android phones, tablets or iPhones here) and take super photos (and not just with a cell phone or tablet)

·       Know how important the correct exposure is when taking photos of your projects, and don’t need to read a handbook first to do the setup for your camera

·       Know your embroidery (and sewing) machine like the back of your hand

  •  AND you have an active social media account where you can and will share you pictures linked to our 

Then please contact us.

What do you get out of it?

  1. We provide you with our designs as available to the customers but free of charge, in the hoop size and format suitable for your machine and project. Then you showcase what they can make out of the designs which they buy. So if you are a fan of Smart D’sign anyway, you get the possibility to present that in your photos, show them to others AND we simply give you those designs for your projects and photo sessions.
  2. You can use the designs you have been given to showcase them just like you can use them as a normal customer, which means you can use them for you or your business according to our policies / Terms & Conditions. So we supply you with embroidery designs that you can use to create products to be sold, if this is what you are doing or want to do.
  3. You are supported by a nice, friendly and helpful team. All the girls in our test team are really nice (we would love some guys in the team too if there are any out there), from all walks of life. And – we are bilingual. Tracey, in the test team, speaks English as her mother tongue and also fluent German like the others, and Antje (Smart D’sign) speaks fluent German and English too.
  4. You not only have access to the newest designs but also the older designs which are already in the shop. We often need a couple of good photos of the older products for new advertising campaigns.
  5. If you are a business with a facebook page and you showcase your work there, we will share your posts on our facebook page with a link to your article, which gives you the chance to reach more people. So it is great advertising for you too.

It would be our pleasure to welcome you to our team if you are active in Internet and/or social networks, e.g.

·       You have an active blog where you regularly post your projects (ideally once a week, for example)

·       You actively post in Facebook or on Instagram

·       You are self-employed and have a business page on Facebook or Instagram which you regularly update with news

As mentioned before, we are not looking for test embroiderers, not someone to test our products. That’s what our existing team does already. We need embroiderers who can support us on the advertising and marketing side with their outstanding photos.

This means, of course, that you need to provide us with the raw (non-edited) versions of your photos, without your logo or watermark, and also grant us irrevocable permission to use your photos.

We do have a few conditions – without which we cannot work:

1.   Children must not be visible in the foreground. IF you take photos with children, you must make sure that you either take the photo behind the child’s back, or in such a manner that the face is not recognizable or not within the photo. We are very strict about this matter and will not make exceptions.

2.   All photos must be „family-friendly“, ie not of adult quality, and free of any political, religious or other ethical views. Completely neutral.

3.   No use of licensed characters or material with copyrights (no Disney or such decoration).

4.   No embroidery designs by designers other than Smart D’sign are to be shown or be visible on the projects or photos thereof. They must consist of embroidery designs by Smart D’sign only.

5.   We value high resolution and quality. The photos must be 16:9 or 4:3 LANDSCAPE FORMAT and at least 1000 Pixels. More information on this topic follows once you have admitted your application.

6. We are sorry to say but we can only consider your application if you do not test for another embroidery designer.

How can you apply?

Send us an email to [email protected] and tell us a bit about yourself. How long you have been embroidering for, which machine you use, which camera you use (IMPORTANT! Please state which model) and how long you have been taking photos, a couple of links to your activities in social networks and (also very important) some brilliant, representative photos which blow our minds so that we HAVE TO welcome you to the team:-). 

You persevered through to this point? Congratulations! Then you must be interested and we look forward to receiving your application. 

Best Regards 

Antje and the Team at Smart D’sign.

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