Custom Digitising Service for Machine Embroidery Designs Smart D'sign

I offer customised, professional digitising service. I do NOT automatic digitising, every design has been hand digitised by myself with highly skilled expertise and focus for details. Turn around is about 7 working days. However I always try to deliver as soon as possible.

How does this service works?

  1. You send me an email with your graphic / clipart / logo (you must have the full rights to use this graphic, clipart or logo). Inlcude as much information as you can, i.e. what do you want to use it for, the material you want to embroider on (T-shirts, Polo shirt etc), are you after a filled stitch, an applique or a redwork design ...
  2. I'll get back to you with a quote.
  3. If you agree to the offer, I'll create a product for your order.
  4. You purchase and pay the order.
  5. I'll digitise the item as soon as I have received your payment.
  6. I'll test stitch and send you pictures from the stitch out. If you agree, 
  7. I'll upload the product, activate the download link for the item and send you an email notification that the product is now available for download.
  8. You download your design, start embroidery and enjoy.

You are allowed to use the design to produce items with the embroidery design, to be used private or for resale.

You are not allowed in any way to sell the embroidery design, copy, share or modify and resell the design as your own. If you after an embroidery design for doing classes / workshops, you need to purchase a licence that gives you the agreement to use that item the requested number of times (i.e. a class with 15 students requires a licence for 15 students).

Custom Digitising Service

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